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What Is the Most Popular Bags in 2023?

Leather is a luxurious material that has been used for centuries to create beautiful products. It is strong, durable, and has international appeal. Not all leather, however, is born equal, and the grade of a piece of leather can mean a big difference when it comes to quality, durability, and price.

Higher end leathers are a bit more difficult to get a hold of, and would set the average consumer back quite a lot. But for those that want the very best leather in the world, there is none better than Shell Cordovan.

What Makes It So Expensive?

The extreme price of Shell Cordovan is due to the relatively low supply of the horse hide needed to make it, while the demand for it is very high. The breeding of horses for both leather and food is not done in most countries around the world, and almost all leather across the globe comes from cowhide.

Raising horses for food fell under controversy in the 1990s due to the meat not being treated properly and being unsafe for consumption, along with horses being viewed more as pets rather than food. For this reason, it’s quite rare to find a farm that raises and kills horses for their meat, and it’s what makes Shell Cordovan such a prized commodity for the rich and famous, and they’re the perfect shoes for the many ways to have a good time.

Along with this, viable horse hide tends to be quite small when taken from the animal, as it almost always needs to be taken from the rump. This means that even when a horse hide is being processed into leather, there is not a lot of material to work with, further lowering the overall supply.

Membrane instead of fibers. Has your favorite leather jacket started to crack over the years? That’s because most leather has fibers, which makes it wrinkle and crack over time. Shell cordovan, on the other hand, has a membrane. This causes the leather to ripple—and it’s also more water resistant, durable and wrinkle resistant.

Long, difficult tanning process. Tanning shell cordovan requires vegetable tanning; tannins are extracted from plants and used to penetrate the thick horseflesh membrane. This process can take at least six months, which is significantly longer than other types of leather. This arduous process contributes to why shell cordovan is so prized and so expensive.

There are a few reasons that Shell Cordovan leather tends to be more durable than many others. One of the main reasons is that the leather is made up of a membrane rather than the fibres found in lower grade leathers. This makes the leather much stronger over, reduces the wrinkles, and provides better moisture resistance. A pair of shoes that are made from Shell Cordovan leather can be expected to easily last an entire lifetime if properly maintained.

Except for Shell Cordovan, the other one is crocodile.

Crocodiles are the exclusive species of reptiles that need particular environments to grow. You can’t make crocodile farms everywhere. Also, out of 23 species of crocodiles, only one species helps in the production of leather. It contributes to only 1% of the total leather production in the entire world!

You can see high-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton making crocodile leather bags. In fact, they already reek of money! Besides, the price of the leather is about 9-10 $ per centimeter. So, the larger the bags become, the more the expense!

Why Is It The Most Costly Leather? 

Crocodile leather is unique from all other kinds. In fact, the patterns are so intricate that not all fashion houses are experienced or skilled at working with them. Moreover, there are very few crocodile farms compared to the demand, and not all tanneries are well-equipped with equipment or tools for crocodile skin. 

Also, the number of crocodiles is declining every year. As there is a huge deficit, it has become a luxury good. However, there are some other important factors too. 

1. Farming

Many fashion brands have their own crocodile farms. But it is not easy to grow one just anywhere. Actually, Australia’s Northern and Western parts are more famous for cultivating crocodile farms. They take the eggs from the wild and then grow them. Or simply they buy the eggs from some reliable sources. It is the idea of captive breeding.

Then, the crocodiles are kept to live until they can be slaughtered for the skin. Most handbags require a breadth of 40-50 cm. And for this, you will need about 1 to 1.5-year-old crocodiles and their skin.

Now, the costs take a great upswing from breeding these crocodiles to feeding them, providing for them, providing for the manpower who take care of these species, and labor charges! All these costs add up when you sell a handbag made of crocodile leather.

2. Value Of Skin

Most importantly, the crocodile skin needs to be of very high quality. Maintaining the quality is really tough because the rate falls a bit at each level of processing. That is to say, you can never get the hundred percent of the original product.

Therefore, the value decreases by 25% at each step. However, for a 40-50 cm bag, you need to pay about $400-600 for just the skin. The additional charges are essential too!

3. Preservation

After the collection of skin, it is not used instantly. They are kept for future use by processing them in many ways. Most importantly, the processing must prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth in them.

Also, to maintain the original texture as much as possible, you need to take care that the skin doesn’t crease. Usually, belly-cut surfaces are famous for handbags. They have a smooth finish and have small scales. It makes them easy to handle and quite flexible. But it is not an easy task and requires meticulous preservation work.

4. Comparison With Other Types

Cow leather bags are ubiquitous. And it is very easy to work with cowhide. The vast availability of cows has a significant role too. Usually, 100% original leather bags are expensive; that’s a given. But comparatively, cow leather is less costly.

Crocodile leather requires a very high level of craftsmanship. Yes, you can produce master copies. But the genuine crocodile leather bags will look more gorgeous than the replicas, indeed! The skin is so soft that it automatically gives an expensive or sophisticated vibe! A crocodile leather bag with any cool outfit is a perfect go!

However, the fashion brand and the tannery that made the bags also have something to do with their price. If you get it done from extremely high-quality fashion houses, the price will rise. But if you have a start-up, try buying from authentic manufacturers like BNB handbag, who can provide you at a cheaper rate.

After knowing the most expensive leather, let’s what the luxurious leather bags


What Are The Luxurious Leather Bags?

All of us are more or less familiar with leather bags. They are fashionable in every fashion season. People of all ages use them. Leather bags come in diverse shapes, styles, and features. As a result, with the different styles, there can be a selection of luxurious leather bags that you can add to your collection. These luxurious leather bags are-

Tote Leather Bags

Tote leather bags are one of the most luxurious leather bags. They are both unique in their style and great for use. Additionally, tote bags are good for use for everyone. When we talk about luxurious leather bags, tote bags are a mandatory addition.

Generally, tote bags are of medium to large sizes. They come with two straps. While these bags are highly fashionable and luxurious, they are also of several uses. Tote bags are great for grocery shopping, running errands, traveling, and carrying a large number of items. If you are looking for luxurious leather bags, then tote bags are a must-have item for you.

Satchel Leather Bags

Another must-have luxurious bag to add to your collection is the satchel leather bag. These types of leather bags are great for making a fashion statement. Additionally, they can help you with carrying a large number of items without hassle.

Satchel bags are structured with double handles. You can carry it with your hands or by the shoulder. Usually, it has a top closure and a flat bottom. They may also have a triangular side profile. It adds a very professional and smart look to your outfit. Satchel bags are great to carry to your office, meetings, and other corporate affairs.

Drawstring Leather Bags

Most of us are unfamiliar with the drawstring style of leather bags. As a result, it becomes a unique bag to carry which makes it very luxurious. The eccentric style of these bags can make heads turn over. It can easily attract attention. So, they are great for making a fashion statement.

The style of drawstring bags adds to their name. In these types of bags, strings are added at the top of the opening of the bag. These strings are used to either open or close the bag. In drawstring bags, there can also be shoulder straps to carry them. So, they become easier to carry. You can carry your drawstring bags to several informal gatherings, parties, etc.

Classic Strapped Leather Bags

If you are looking to expand your luxurious leather bag collection, classic strapped leather bags are highly recommended for you. They are simple and elegant in their design. As a result, you can get a sophisticated and luxurious look from these bags.

The strapped leather bags are easy to carry around. These are usually handbags that you can carry over the shoulder. The straps may or may not be of the same material as the body of the bag. Sometimes, to make the bags look more beautiful the straps are customized. You can easily carry your strapped leather bags to parties, brunch, walks, and various functions.

Quilted Leather Bags

Quilted leather bags are stunning to keep. In these bags, the leather is quilted for making the bag. That marks the name of the bag. Moreover, the soft-to-touch features of the bag also add to the name. It is one of the most luxurious leather bags of all.

The high quality and beautiful design of the quilted leather bag makes it gorgeous. It is a must-have item in your collection. These bags usually have straps made of long chains. All of these features make it highly luxurious. Since the body of the bag is made of beautiful quilted leather, the bag does not need many accessories. You can carry this bag anywhere you like.

To have a most expensive leather bag might be the dream of each girl in the world, but nowadays people gradually become more aware of the importance of environment protection, vegan leather bags become the trendy and popular.

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