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About B&B Handbag

B&B Handbags was established in 2012. We have ten years of experience in handbag manufacturing in China..

We manufacture a range of various handbags such as shoulder bags, cosmetic bags, purses, clutches, backpacks, messenger bags and so on.
We have the powerful OEM/ODM experience in the handbag producing industry and we have established firm business relationship with many famous companies such as Wal-mart, Intersport and Tommy and other enterprise. We Exported to North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Middle East etc.
We work with a range of materials. The most commonly used ones are:

1. Cordura Nylon. This is the Royal Marines of fabrics in the market place. Tough as old boots and a first choice for any hard wearing outdoor equipment. Typically it is air treated.

2. Cotton Canvas. A good budget option but not very durable and known to flake out with wet weather and the elements. It is widely used in inexpensive bags such as promo bags and totes.

3. Nylon. Reliable like a Nissan. Will never let you down. It can be treated with many different finishes and is a very versatile fabric.

4. Ripstop Nylon. Like Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin. It does not rip. This is because of the heavy threads.

5. PVC Fabric. Multi functional with variations in colour, durability and waterproofing. Options for flame retardation and tear resistance make it a good choice for work related products.

6.Pack Cloth Nylon. A heavier fabric than other fabrics but durable because of the heavy threads. Often comes puncture resistant. If only my bike tires were made of the same stuff!!

7. Leather. Vegans of the world unite. This is one of the most classic and probably earliest fabrics using in making backpacks and bags. Although pricey, working with leather will deliver you a premium product that is stylish and long lasting. PU leather also falls in the same category.

8. Dyneema. Any military contractors out there, this is the stuff for you. Known to be bullet proof its strong capabilities have seen it applied to a wide range of products from fishing nets to safety gloves
We offer you not only high quality products, but also products that especially designed to meet your requirements. We’ll take the opportunity to adapt to your specific requirements in order to enhance your resale possibilities.
1. 10 years professional experience in manufacturing and exporting.

2. With technicians specialize in handbag products more than 10 years.

3. OEM, ODM accepted.

4. Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well.

5. 100% Strict Quality Control, with own inspecting room.

6. 65,00 sq.m of production and office space professionals.

7. Over 100 strong team of qualified.

With our team of technical designers and artists we can turn your idea into a factory ready technical drawing in 7 days.

The drawing when finished is 100% yours to do with what you want.

A complete technical drawing allows you to get quotes from factories and develop samples.

We guarantee you will enjoy working with The B&B handbag.