Handbag Manufacturing - B&B Custom Handbag Factory

Handbag Manufacturing

Material Testing

Before mass production, we will send the fabrics and accessories to the IQC department for testing. After passing the test, the fabric will be cut by the cutting machine department, and other materials will be sent to the material group to prepare for the pre-production work.

Bulk Production

After the final samples are approved and the purchase order, deposit etc. are confirmed, we will move to the bulk production and it generally will take 55-60days.

Quality Assurance

We strive to manufacture quality products that will satisfy your customers and keep them coming back. B&B Handbag own QC teams will perform standard quality control checks to fix any problems before packaging.


To ensure that all products reach your customers in perfect detail, all items are neatly folded, individually packaged, and boxed before shipping to their final destination.