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A bag or box of leather, fabric, plastic, or the like, held in the hand or carried by means of a handle or strap, commonly used for holding money, personal grooming items, small purchases, etc.
A shoulder bag is a handbag or pocketbook having one strap long enough to be slung over the shoulder. On most bags, the straps are tightly strengthened. The strap is designed to be looped over the shoulder to be supported by it and carried by the user hands-free.
A makeup bag is a bag made for carrying cosmetics. Many women keep a makeup bag in their purse to allow them to reapply or touch up their makeup periodically. Makeup bags may include zipper or velcro fasteners and the bags are usually made of cloth or vinyl, but other fabrics such as metallic material and suede are sometimes used.
A tiny fold-able bag used to carry money and cards is known as a wallet. Wallets don’t have straps or handles, but may have a loop for carrying it around the thumb or wrist. Wallets are typically carried within larger handbags. It is common for wallets to have tight compartments for storing different credit cards, and separate compartments to store currency notes or licenses.
Small, hand-held evening bags that have either detachable or no straps with minimalistic or concealed hardware are called clutch bags.
Traditionally, backpacks have been large-sized, especially used by students to carry books, or travelers and hikers to carry food, camera or water bottles.
Bags that are worn with the strap looping over one shoulder and crossing your body diagonally are called cross body bags. These type of bags are worn both with long straps, which falls at the hip, and with short straps, which falls at the waist.


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